About Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s most respected universities. It is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. In 2009 the University of Cambridge celebrated its 800th anniversary and throughout its history has produced leaders in medicine, science, humanities, technology, social sciences, politics, the arts and business.

The University of Cambridge has also produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution – 88 affiliates have won in every category with 29 in Physics, 25 in Medicine, 21 in Chemistry, nine in Economics, two in Literature and two in Peace.

In addition to a long and distinguished tradition in mathematics and the sciences, the University of Cambridge has educated 15 British Prime Ministers and 23 Heads of State or Government, including three Prime Ministers of India, two Prime Ministers of Singapore, a Prime Minister of Australia, the First Minister of Malaysia and Queen Margaret II of Denmark.

The city itself boasts an impressive range of world-renowned museums, stimulating and thought-provoking galleries and historical attractions to make this city a ‘must-see’ for any lover of history and culture. Cambridge is a relatively small city, so it’s easy to get around and there is always something new to see and do. There are beautiful gardens and buildings to visit, fantastic theatres and live music to suit all tastes. Cambridge is lucky enough to have an exciting mix of independent shops, often hidden away down beautiful winding lanes and side streets. The ‘hidden gems’ of the city are well worth exploring to find style and individuality in an attractive historic setting. Visitors are also spoilt for choice when dining out, with a tantalising array of independent eateries, including a two-star Michelin restaurant.

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The Cambridge Corporate Governance Network (CCGN) is a confederation of University of Cambridge faculties, research centres and academics interested in corporate governance. The network spans the Faculties of Law and Economics, and Cambridge Judge Business School.