Accounting Fraud and SEC Enforcements

Jenny Chu, Alan Jagolinzer

Boards of Directors

Jenny Chu, Alan Jagolinzer, Bang Dang Nguyen, Philip Stiles

Bribery and Corporate Corruption

Raghavendra Rau

Business Ethics

Michael Pollitt, Philip Stiles

Capital Market Regulation

Eilis Ferran

Comparative Corporate Governance

Ha-Joon Chang, Brian Cheffins, Simon Deakin

Corporate-Community Relations

Helen HaughPaul Tracey

Corporate Failure and Bankruptcy

Paul Kattuman, Geoff Meeks

Corporate Finance and Governance

David Chambers, Gishan Dissanaike, Alan Jagolinzer, Bart Lambrecht, Geoff Meeks, Marc Moore, Bang Dang Nguyen, Raghavendra Rau

Corporate Finance Law

Eilis Ferran

Corporate Law

Brian Cheffins, Eilis Ferran, Marc Moore, Richard Williams

Corporate Ownership and Control

Brian Cheffins

Corporate Social Responsibility

Helen Haugh, Philip Stiles, Paul Tracey

CSR and Bottom of the Pyramid Strategies

Shahzad Ansari, Kamal Munir

CSR and Innovation

Michael Barrett

Creative Accounting

Geoff Meeks

Director Liability

Brian Cheffins


Alan Jagolinzer

East Asian Corporate Governance and Finance

Ha-Joon Chang, Gishan Dissanaike

Emerging Market Business Groups

Kamal Munir

Employee Representation

Simon Deakin

Ethics and Micro-finance Institutions

Kamal Munir

Executive Compensation

Jenny Chu, Brian Cheffins, Alan Hughes, Alan Jagolinzer, Geoff Meeks, Marc Moore, Bang Dang Nguyen, Raghavendra Rau

Financial Reporting and Accounting Regulation

Alan Jagolinzer, Geoff Meeks, Geoff Whittington
Associated Faculty: Sir David Tweedie

Financial Services Regulation

Eilis Ferran

Governance, Innovation and Firm Performance

Alan Hughes

Hedge Fund Activism

Brian Cheffins, Simon Deakin

Hedge Funds

Eilis Ferran

Historical Perspectives on Corporate Governance

David Chambers, Brian Cheffins

Information Asymmetries and Agency Problems

Geoff Meeks

Insider Trading

Alan Jagolinzer

Insolvency and International Insolvency Law

Richard Williams

Institutional Investors

Pedro Saffi

IT Governance

Michael Barrett

Japanese Corporate Governance

Simon Learmount

Law and Finance

David Chambers, Brian Cheffins, Simon Deakin, Eilis Ferran, Richard Williams

Long-run Sustainability

Chris Hope

Management Turnover or Succession

Jenny Chu, Gishan Dissanaike, Philip Stiles

Mergers and Acquisitions

Alan Hughes, Geoff Meeks, Raghavendra Rau

Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Governance

Helen Haugh, Philip Stiles, Paul Tracey

Ownership, National Institutions and Firm Performance

Jaideep Prabhu

Pension Fund Governance

Simon Deakin

Private Equity

Brian Cheffins, Eilis Ferran

Privatisation or Management of State-owned Institutions

Ha-Joon Chang

Proxy Voting and Proxy Advisory Firms

Pedro Saffi

Risk Governance

Daniel Ralph

Shareholder Activism

Brian Cheffins

Social Movements and Markets

Shahzad Ansari

Stock Markets and Corporate Governance

Gishan Dissanaike, Marc Moore

Stock Market Regulation

David Chambers, Brian Cheffins

Strategic Management and Corporate Governance

Shahzad Ansari, Kamal Munir

Theories of Regulation

Ha-Joon Chang

Trust and Partnership

Michael Barrett

Tunnelling and Expropriation

Raghavendra Rau

University Governance

Alan Jagolinzer