28-29 September 2012 Cambridge Judge Business School, UK

Cambridge Judge Business School
Cambridge Judge Business School

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Corporate Governance: An International Review (CGIR), Cambridge Judge Business School will be co-hosting a special conference on national governance bundles. The best papers from the conference will be published in a subsequent special issue of the journal.

National governance bundles are configurations of corporate governance mechanisms that simultaneously operate on the firm- and national-levels to govern firms within an overall economy or collection of economies. Previous studies of corporate governance bundles have only examined firm-level complementarities of corporate governance mechanisms with limited consideration of the national context. Previous studies of national governance systems have compared “Coordinated Market Economies” with “Liberal Market Economies”, “Anglo-American”, “Communitarian”, and “Emerging” economies, and “Market-Oriented” against “Network-Oriented” systems, with limited consideration of firm-level governance mechanisms. Unfortunately, these two promising streams of research have yet to converge and inform each other.

The aim of this conference and subsequent special issue is to move the field closer to a global theory by advancing our understanding of national governance bundles, which combines insights from the literature on firm governance bundles with insights from the national governance systems literature.

Keynote speakers

Randall MorckRandall Morck

Jarislowsky Distinguished Professor of Finance, University of Alberta

Read more about Randall Morck

Ruth AguileraRuth V. Aguilera

Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Read more about Ruth Aguilera

Carla MillarCarla Millar

Professor of International Marketing & Management, University of Twente

Read more about Carla Millar

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